Why King Training Resources ?

Productivity. . . . . . Our goal for technical training!

Today’s training must provide students with skills they can use immediately. To be effective training must engage students and get them using new skills quickly.

Since 1988, King Training Resources and our affiliated trainers have provided high quality technical training. Over the years, we have assembled an experienced group of enthusiastic and capable trainers/course developers.

Our courses help students achieve greater productivity. Each course provides many hands-on lab exercises to help students gain valuable experience. Our philosophy is that the more hands-on contact you have with a new tool or method the greater your understanding will be.

Each course presents the newest technology and best practices ensuring that students get the maximum benefit from training. We also provide up-to-date training for older products and versions in use at your shop.

Customizing courses and presentations to meet your needs is one of our specialties. Topics may be added, deleted, emphasized, or de-emphasized to meet the standards and practices of your organization, usually at no extra charge! This adds to productivity since students return to work with exactly the knowledge you want them to have.

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