Unix and its open-source derivative Linux drive many of the worlds computer systems and provide the core of many web-based systems. Our UNIX/Linux curriculum is designed to provide System Adminstrators and Developers with a complete set of UNIX/Linux skills. Increasingly, PERL is being used to add functionality to UNIX/Linux scripts. Our PERL courses start with the basics and provide growth into more complex topics.

Roadmap to Success

Unix Course Map


UNIX and Linux Courses

Fundamentals of Unix: Basics (3 days)
This course teaches the basic working environment of a Unix system, line commands, and Korn and/or Bourne shell techniques.
Fundamentals of Unix: Shell Scripting and Report Generation (3 days)
Unix professionals learn to develop advanced Korn and/or Bourne shell scripts and reporting procedures.
Fundamentals of Unix: Utilities and Commands(1 Day)
The UNIX professional builds executable programs using Unix utility source code.
Unix System Administration: Essential Operations (5 Days)
This course will teach the commands and methods needed to setup, manage, and troubleshoot a Unix system.
Unix System Administration: Networking Features (3 Days)
Students learn to manage Unix networking services including: TCP/IP, NFS, ftp, DNS, printers, and Samba.
Unix System Administration: Security Issues (2 Days)
Students learn the commands and methods used to setup a Unix security domain.
Unix System Administration: Performance Concepts and Analysis (2 Days)
Students learn performance concepts and how to develop a methodology to tune Unix systems (monitor, interpret, and adjust).

PERL Courses

Programming in PERL: Basic/Intermediate (3 Days)
Attendees learn both the programming interface and the techniques that can be used to write procedures in PERL (Practical Extraction and Report Language).
Programming in PERL: Advanced Topics (2 Days)
Students learn advanced concepts and capabilities that can be used to write procedures in PERL (V5), especially the new interfaces that use object-oriented features.
Programming in PERL: Using/Programming the Database Interface (3 Days)
This course teaches students to use PERL techniques and commands to write scripts to perform various methods of database interactions.
Programming in PERL: Tk and CGI Extensions (3 Days)
Students will to use Tk techniques and commands to write PERL scripts to manipulate the graphical interfaces in X Windows. Students will also use PERL to interface CGI scripts with HTML documents and forms.