CICS applications continue to be the center of many major systems. Students will learn how to create basic and complex systems that use system resources efficiently

All of our CICS courses are current to the latest release of CICS. Earlier releases may be covered upon request.

Roadmap to Success

CICS Course Map


CICS Courses

CICS Command Level Coding (5 days)
Provides an in-depth coverage of CICS program coding with COBOL, PL/I or C. Topics include BMS, Browsing, VSAM, Temporary Storage, and more.
Advanced CICS Command Level Coding (4 days)
Students learn to create more complex CICS applications, improve performance, and work with advanced features. Course content partly overlaps with the DB2/CICS Interface class.
CICS Web Interface Workshop (3 days)
Attendees will learn to web-enable CICS applications using different methods and to use existing CICS applications from the web.
Introduction to Web Services with CICS (2-3 days)
Participants will learn to work with CICS and COBOL to use existing Web Services and to create Web Services for others to use.
DB2/CICS Interface (2 days)
Students learn the system and programming aspects of the CICS/DB2 interface.
CICS Program Debugging (2 days)
Programmers learn to use CEDF, CECI, CMAC, CEBR, and dumps to solve CICS program bugs.
CICS Program Debugging with XPEDITER (1-2 days)
Progammers learn to debug CICS programs using the Xpediter product.
CICS Program Debugging with Abend-Aid (1 day)
Progammers learn to debug CICS programs using Abend-Aid in CICS.
CICS Program Debugging with InterTest (1 day)
Progammers learn to debug CICS programs using the InterTest product.
Using SDF II (2 days)
Students learn how to use SDF II to create screen definitions for CICS, TSO, CSP, or IMS programs.
CICS Transaction Server Differences (1-2 days)
Attendees learn about changes in the recent CICS releases and how to deal with them in terms of their applications.
Using Casegen (3 days)
Students use VS COBOL II and COBOL/370 facilities for debugging and maintaining programs. The Linkage Editor and Program Binder are discussed extensively.