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You want your people to learn new skills quickly and cost-effectively in an environment that promotes learning. Our staff of engaging, experienced instructors is available to meet that goal using a variety of methods.

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Instructor-led on-site
Traditional classroom training at your site.
Instructor-led via web (virtual)
Our excellent instructor-led training delivered via on-line sessions using conferencing software.
Individual or Small Group Mentoring
We provide the same excellent training to an individual or small group in person or virtually.
Boot Camps
Complete training programs taking students from "nothing" to "fully capable and productive" with the chosen tools and skills. Each of these courses are customized to the mix of tools and standards of your organization. Frequent hands-on practice cements new skills.
Have a team whose skills need retouching? Most of the time we can customize these courses by selecting topics from our existing courses at no extra charge. We make sure people understand the tools they use every day and how new features can make their jobs simpler and more effective. Frequent hands-on practice cements new skills.
Code Camps
Condensed "just what you need to be productive" sessions focusing on a specific coding skills and techniques. Hands-on practice cements the skills learned so that attendees are immediately productive with their new skills.
Entry-level training programs
Comprehensive "soup-to-nuts" opportunity for those in entry-level positions to learn basic skills with the suite of software tools in your organization. Courses provide frequent hands-on practice creating software that follows the standards and practices of your organization.
Custom training programs
Experienced course developers create solutions to your custom training needs.
Blended Training (Instructor-led training with WBT/CBT)
Our instructors use selected portions of our proven instructor-led and hands-on exercises to augment and complete the Web-Based Training (WBT) or Computer-Based Training (CBT) used in your organization.
Web-Based/Computer-Based Training Library Evaluations
Experienced instructors evaluate your organization's Web-Based Training (WBT) or Computer-Based Training (CBT) library.
Train-the-Trainer programs
Experienced instructors provide guidance, tips, and techniques for instructor-led training both in the classroom and online.