Training for the Trainers


Our Best Help Your Best Be Even Better

Our instructors help your existing staff learn how to be even-better instructors. We help "polish" presentation skills, provide ideas for enhancing student involvement, discuss dealing with issues in the classroom, and share "best practices" of the classroom learned over many years of practice. We can also help great classroom instructors learn to be the best virtual (on-line) instructors.

New Instructors

Experience teaches many things in the classroom. Among the most important is that each person must find their own style. Our instructors facilitate a new instructor's learning, we don't attempt to make participants conform to some instructor ideal. Students will learn presentation skills, how to assemble and present effective course materials, how to deal with students of all kinds, learn "best practices" of the classroom, and most of all discover that learning can be fun for both student and instructor.

Product-Specific Training

We know how to teach many different topics. We will teach instructors about technical topics and make sure they are fully confident before stepping into the classroom (or up to the microphone). By customizing our normal courses and course materials we bring instructors "up-to-speed" quickly and effectively.

Suggested Reading and Research

Our instructors provide lists of appropriate text books or web sites providing assistance in the areas where help is needed.

Customized Solutions

We create custom training and show your staff how we think it might be best to present it.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just like our students, instructors need practice too. Instructors have the opportunity to practice delivering material in a non-threatening environment where success is guaranteed.


King Training Resources strives to be easy to work with. We can be flexible in many different ways making it easier for your organization to maximize its training efforts. Ask us!