Individual or Small Group Mentoring

Dealing with people "On the Bench"

Often a project winds down leaving one or more excellent employees without the appropriate skill sets need by the organization. We can provide one-on-one or one-on-a-few mentoring to make employees as valuable as possible.

Suggesting Course Paths

After reviewing your WBT/CBT and learning of your standards and practices. Our instructors will provide a suggested course/module path minimizing time wasted on inconsequential or misleading topics.

Suggested Reading and Research

Our instructors provide lists of appropriate text books or web sites providing assistance in the areas where help is needed.

Customized Solutions

We create a custom plan to maximize each student's learning and to minimize time required to learn and/or refresh skills.

Hands-On Practice

Regardless of the topic, we feel that practice is the key. This is an area where most WBT/CBT is woefully inadequate. We tailor hands-on exercises to reinforce what students are learning effectively.


King Training Resources strives to be easy to work with. We can be flexible in many different ways making it easier for your organization to maximize its training efforts. Ask us!