Instructor-Led Training at your site!

Outstanding Presentation

Each of our instructors provides lively, engaging, presentations backed up by years of technical and classroom experience.

Instructors Who Lead

Each of our instructors possesses their own style matching their individual personality, this allows them to help students learn in a non-threatening environment where the instructor functions as a "coach" helping students discover.


Our courses are kept current to the latest releases of software. This is hard work but it pays off in student productivity! We also offer down-level training since many shops find it inconvenient to keep up with each new release from a software vendor.

First-Class Materials

Our course materials are complete with many illustrations and indexes. We constantly hear from students that they refer to our materials frequently and that many of their co-workers borrow them too. Also, as different instructors present courses they share ideas with the course developer so that the materials are constantly improving.

Hands-On Exercises

Each course uses a complement of hands-on practice allowing students to feel accomplishment immediately with their new-found skills. These exercises are frequently customized to meet the standards and practices of the client organization so that students are ready to "hit the ground running" when they return to work.
Some courses require that software be installed on student machines or be made available to the student prior to the beginning of class. We proviced complete, tested instructions on how to accomplish the setup successfully and verify that is done properly.

Local Customization

No two organizations are alike. We often customize course outlines and topics to meet the needs of the client organization. Students should learn in the classroom using the same tools and practices that they will use on the job. Surprisingly, much of this customization can be accomplished at no cost!

Pre and Post Assessments

For clients that would like them, we provide pre-assessments and post-assessments of student knowledge in the skills covered in the course. King Training Resources will provide you with a recap after the course is complete.


King Training Resources strives to be easy to work with. We can be flexible in many different ways making it easier for your organization to maximize its training efforts. Ask us!