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JavaScript Programming

Recommended Duration:
2 Days
Participants learn to use JavaScript to design and develop dynamic web pages. The course introduces students to Javascript and how it is used to create interactive web pagtes.
Application and Web developers who will use JavaScript to develop and enhance web pages.
Students must be familiar with HTML, the web browser used in their environment, and Windows.
Major Topics
  • JavaScript syntax and rules
  • JavaScript programming practices
  • Embedding JavaScript in web pages
  • Variable definition and data types
  • Description, creation, and use of objects
  • Programming with Javascript: Operators, Conditional Statements, Looping, Arrays
  • Defining and using Functions
  • Form object properties, methods, and event handling including: text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, select boxes, and buttons
  • Validation of user input
  • User interaction using rollovers and images
  • Detecting browser type and creating cross-platform code
  • Creating and using Cookies
  • AJAX Overview
  • JavaScript framework overview: jQuery, Node.js, Ember.js, and Angular.js
There are eleven hands-on exercises. Students should have access to a JavaScript-capable web browser to successfully accomplish course work.