Web development has become a core skill set in most Information Technology organizations. The web world is dynamic. We will be continually adding, changing, and removing courses as industry practices evolve.

The Web Tools courses listed on this page provide basic skills needed to build web applications.



Web and Mobile Courses

Cloud Computing Terms and Topologies (1-2 Days)
Cloud is at the top of every IT agenda; it's important to understand the technology, terms, and how it cloud is delivered. This course will expose cloud technologies, both new and old that may be leveraged to improve IT solutions.
Introduction to "The Cloud" for Managers (1 Day)
Participants will learn what Cloud computing is and how to maximize the benefits of IaaS, PaaS, and/or SaaS for their organization.
Introduction to IoT for Managers (1 Day)
Tdoay, many "things" are connected to the Internet, to our applications, and to each other enabling collection of vast amounts of data providing new opportunities through advanced predictive analytics. Participants will learn to maximize the benefits of IoT.
Exploring Cloud Foundry (1 Day)
Cloud Foundry provides a proven, ready-made framework to develop, test, and deploy cloud applications. Attendees will learn the features of Cloud Foundry and how they may be leveraged in building today's applications..
Web Usability and User Experience (UX) (2 Days)
Participants learn to use User-Centered Design concepts to enrich the User Experience for Web-based and Mobile applications.
Web and Mobile Technology Overview (1-2 Days)
Managers, business professionals, and technical people are exposed at a high-level to the TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, Node.js, Angular.js, JQuery, Cordova, Responsive Design, UX (User eXperience), and more. Comparisons of available technologies including JavaScript frameworks and libraries, development tools, Microsoft .NET, Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE), and their strengths and weaknesses.
Using HTML (1 Day)
Developers learn to use HTML to create web pages.
JavaScript Programming (2 Days)
Experienced programmers learn to use JavaScript to enhance web applications.
jQuery Development (3-4 Days)
Web developers learn to use use jQuery and JavaScript to develop and enhance web pages.
Understanding Concurrent Versions System (CVS) (2 Days)
Students learn to protect software investments using source control and versioning with CVS.