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Blockchain Foundations

Recommended Duration:
1 Day
Methods for handling transactions, contracts, records and other data are not keeping up with digital transformation. Blockchain provides an open, distributed ledger updateable only by consensus of involved parties. Transactions are stored immutably limiting potential for error and fraud. Efficiently storing transactions in a way that can be verified makes Blockchain attractive anywhere in industry that data and value are in motion. This course covers Blockchain basics, common use cases, and showcases successful implementations.
Solutions Architects, Managers, and anyone else needing a comprehensive Blockchain overview.
No prerequisites.
Major Topics
  • Blockchain Introduction
  • Blockchain and Bitcoin
  • Transactions on a shared network
  • Shared ledgers
  • Immutable (tamperproof) ledgers
  • Automating Trust
  • Consensus mechanisms
  • Common use cases
  • Security features
  • Privacy
  • Understanding cryptography and hashing
  • Enterprise challenges
  • Available frameworks including Hyperledger and Ethereum
  • What is multichain?
  • Smart Contracts
  • Smart Contract implementations
  • Blockchain as a Service (Cloud)
  • Blockchain for Commerce
  • Why we need Blockchain
  • Real world examples
  • Some vendor solutions
  • Commercial vs "pure" Blockchain
There are two group exercises.