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Unix System Administration: Security Issues

Recommended Duration:
2 Days
SUN Solaris (V7-V10), IBM AIX V4.3, 5L (V5.1 and V5.2), HP-UX (V11 and V11i), and SGI IRIX V6.5, Linux (Red Hat * SuSe)
Upon completion of this course, a system manager should be able to load the Unix operating system with enhanced auditing features; check file systems for security problems; design and enforce a secure password specification and modification mechanism; and review security considerations in other areas of a Unix system.
Developers, Programmers, and System Administrators needing to enhance their Unix skills.
This is an advanced Unix course. Participants must have Unix experience, or have completed the "Unix SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION: Essential Operations" course (or equivalent).
Major Topics
  • Process concepts
  • Shell command usage and review
  • Overview of issues related to Unix security
  • System administrator functions related to security
  • System Security Features Updating
  • Security levels in a Unix system
  • Rebuilding the Unix kernel with auditing
  • Managing of System Users
  • Using root securely
  • Password issues: changing, encryption, aging and expirations
  • shadow files
  • Groups
  • File System Security
  • File permissions review
  • Special permissions:
  • SUID,SGID,Sticky Bits
  • Device files
  • Using chown and chgrp
  • Backups
  • Using Unix Log Files
  • Users
  • lastlog,utmp,wtmp,pacct,syslog
  • System shutdownlog and sulog/messages
  • Network Security
  • Proper maintenance of the /etc/hosts file
  • Using the "r" commands
  • The restricted shell
  • NFS security implications
  • Known problems with SMTP (sendmail)
  • finger utility security issues
  • TFTP issues
There are numerous hands-on machine exercises. All five Unix platforms will be available for lab exercises.