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Unix System Administration: Performance Concepts and Analysis

Recommended Duration:
1 Day
SUN Solaris (V7-V10), IBM AIX V4.3, 5L (V5.1 and V5.2), HP-UX (V11 and V11i), and SGI IRIX V6.5, Linux (Red Hat * SuSe)
Upon completion of this course, a system manager should be able to load the Unix operating system with enhanced auditing features; check file systems for security problems; design and enforce a secure password specification and modification mechanism; and review security considerations in other areas of a Unix system.
Developers, Programmers, and System Administrators needing to enhance their Unix skills.
This is an advanced Unix course. Participants must have Unix experience, or have completed the "Unix SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION: Essential Operations" course (or equivalent).
Major Topics
  • Performance Basics
  • Factors affecting system performance
  • Performance metrics
  • Virtual system caching
  • Effects of computer architecture
  • Memory management, memory usage by the kernel
  • Process creation
  • BufferCache (and allocation control)
  • Shared Memory / Page Caching
  • Paging and Swapping
  • Monitoring Tools
  • CPU Management
  • Software priorities concepts
  • Impact of the nice parameter
  • Priority boosting Differences in BSD / SVR4 implementations
  • Monitoring tools  
  • I/O Management
  • Breakdown of disk I/O
  • Measuring Disk and terminal I/O
  • File system structure concepts
  • File system caching
  • Name Lookup Caching
  • Tuning the Paged Buffer
  • Cache Size Monitoring tools  
  • Network Management
  • TCP/IP Layers
  • Socket controls
  • Controlling network services
  • Network buffer values
  • Monitoring tools  
  • NFS Performance
  • RPC Performance
  • Impact of NFS Blocking and Caching Sizes
  • Optimizing NFS Servers and Clients Monitoring tools  
  • X-window basics and implementation
  • Client-server communications
  • Optimizing a system with X
  • Reducing xterm memory usage
  • Monitoring tools  
  • Modification of Performance Parameters
  • Compaq Tru64 Unix
  • SUN Solaris
  • HP-UX  
  • Memory management
  • CPU management
  • I/O management
  • Network management
  • User program management
There are numerous hands-on machine exercises. All five Unix platforms will be available for lab exercises.