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Unix System Administration: Networking Features

Recommended Duration:
3 Days
SUN Solaris (V7-V10), IBM AIX V4.3, 5L (V5.1 and V5.2), HP-UX (V11 and V11i), and SGI IRIX V6.5, Linux (Red Hat * SuSe)
Upon completion of this course, a system manager should be able to implement networking features for the system and it's users; define name service capabilities; and use advanced options and setups for the shell command interpreters.
Developers, Programmers, and System Administrators needing to enhance their Unix skills.
This is an advanced Unix course. Participants must have Unix experience, or have completed the "Unix SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION: Essential Operations" course (or equivalent).
Major Topics
  • Process concepts
  • Shell command usage and review
  • Advanced Network Features
  • Review of network basic setup
  • Subnet addressing
  • Using arp (address resolution protocol)
  • Network statistics
  • Controlling the inetd process
  • Misc. network tools
  • File Transfer Capabilities
  • ftp utility: setup, file capabilities, additional features, trivial ftp (tftp)
  • Advanced Network File System (NFS) Features
  • Advanced capabilities of server and client setup
  • Using automount
  • Using the Network Information Service (NIS and NIS+)
  • Master server host
  • Slave server host(s)
  • Defining client hosts
  • Creating database map files
  • Making maps available to client hosts
  • Name Services
  • Capabilities of DNS
  • BIND configurations
  • Configuring the resolver
    and the named process
  • Cache initialization
  • Using nslookup to obtain information
  • Configuring Remote Printers
  • Printer setup databases (and control)
  • Remote printer usage
  • Tape Device Access through TCP/IP
  • Using data dump (dd)
  • Combining tar with dd
  • Remote file system dumping
  • Setting up anonymous ftp
  • Maintaining System Integrity
  • Specifying auditing events
  • Improving shell performance
  • Using the error report facility
  • More on performance analysis
There are numerous hands-on machine exercises. All five Unix platforms will be available for lab exercises.