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Fundamentals of Unix: Utilities and Commands

Recommended Duration:
3 Days
SUN Solaris (V7-V10), IBM AIX V4.3, 5L (V5.1 and V5.2), HP-UX (V11 and V11i), and SGI IRIX V6.5, Linux (Red Hat * SuSe)

Many useful utilities are available on the Internet that provide user, programmer, and systems administration capabilities. These programs are usually provided in source code format (to be as generic as possible). Each student will learn to use compilation, object archival, source code control, and makefile development techniques to transform original program sources into executable files.

Developers, Programmers, and System Administrators needing to enhance their Unix skills.
This is an advanced Unix course. Participants must have Unix experience, or have completed the "Fundamentals of Unix: Basics" course (or equivalent).
Major Topics
  • User Level Tape Operations
  • tar utility syntax
  • tar commands for product access
  • Using compression and uncompression commands
  • Program Development under Unix
  • Source code control with sccs
  • cc command syntax
  • Using lint to verify program syntax
  • Including diagnostics in source code
  • Loader command syntax (cc and ld)
  • Creating object libraries with the ar utility
  • Building programs with the make utility
  • Run-time debugging with dbx
There are numerous hands-on machine exercises. All five Unix platforms will be available for lab exercises.