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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with Web Services

Recommended Duration:
1-2 Days
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a standards-based architecture where business processes are represented by one-or-more independent services that may be orchestrated into new applications as needed. Services are usually represented by one-or-more software components. Today, Web Services are providing the backbone components of SOA for most organizations. This session introduces the core concepts of SOA and Web Services; both SOAP and REST. Attendees will learn how web services may be used as part of an overall SOA strategy including the strengths and weaknesses of different implementations.
Information professional needing an understanding of Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services. Specific technologies are discussed and compared, but, no programming background is required.
Major Topics
  • Why We Need Architecture
  • Components of Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Service providers, consumers, and repositories
  • Loose Coupling, Inter-operability, and Reusability
  • SOA compared to other Architectures
  • Implementing a Service-Oriented Architecture with Web Services
  • What is a Service Registry?
  • What is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)?
  • Java and Web Services
  • Microsoft .NET and Web Services
  • .NET and Java EE compared
  • Legacy Systems, Web Services, and SOA
  • Web Services with XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI
  • Web Services with REST and JSON
    (HTTP API)
  • Comparing SOAP to REST
  • Platform Independence
  • Integration issues
  • Implementing Applications with SOA and Web Services
  • Security and deployment issues
None. There will be some demonstrations if the classroom environment permits.