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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Overview

Recommended Duration:
1/2 Day
The target for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is having a set of collaborating services available for invocation. Incorporating Service Oriented Architecture into Information Technology will enable agility and flexibility in meeting modern business information needs. SOA aligns IT systems to Business Processes. This session introduces the core concepts of Service Oriented Architecture, how services act as components in creating/modifying technology systems, and how services impact future business planning.
Information professionals needing an understanding of Service Oriented Architecture.
Major Topics
  • Why We Need Architecture
  • Components of Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Service providers, consumers, and repositories
  • Loose Coupling
  • Inter-operability between Disparate Systems
  • Reusable Components
  • SOA compared to other Architectures
  • Implementing a Service-Oriented Architecture
  • What is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)?
  • Middleware Solutions (WebSphere MQ, AMQ, etc...)
  • Java EE and .NET Solutions
  • Legacy Systems and SOA
  • SOA Issues
  • SOA Governance
  • Web Services and SOA
  • Standards supporting Web Services
  • Platform Independence
  • Integration issues
  • Implementing Applications with SOA
  • Cost of development vs expected savings
  • Business Process Management and SOA
  • IT Alignment with Business
  • SOA Architect and SOA Project Manager roles
None. If time and the environment permits there may be some demonstrations.