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Oracle DBA Fundamentals

Recommended Duration:
5 Days
Oracle 12c
(course can be taught for earlier versions of the database)
Participants will learn to administer, monitor, and improve performance of an Oracle database. Attendees will also learn backup and recovery skills and how to identify and solve common performance problems.
Personnel needing to learn Oracle database administration skills.
Prior knowledge of Oracle fundamentals, basic SQL, SQL Developer or SQL*Plus is assumed.
There are twenty-three machine exercises and two optional exercises. 
Major Topics
  • Introduction to Oracle DBA Tools
  • Database Installation: Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA), Environment Variables, Initialization Parameters, Oracle Universal Installer (OUI), Configuration Options, Control Files, Using DBCA
  • User, Role, and Password
  • Managing an Instance
  • Creating and Altering a Database
  • Disk Space management
  • Memory management and monitoring
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Archivelog and NoArchivelog
  • Logs and LogMiner
  • Online and Offline Backups
  • Data Pump, Export, and Import
  • Using RMAN
  • Using Flashback
  • ASM (Automatic Storage Management)
  • Networking, TNS, and Listeners
  • Oracle Database Architecture
  • Tablespaces and Datafiles
  • Segments, Extents, and Blocks
  • SQL*Loader
  • Data Dictionary
  • CREATE/ALTER/DROP/TRUNCATE: Tables, Temporary Tables, Views, Materialized Views, Indexes, and Sequences
  • Data Integrity
  • Table and Index Partitioning
  • Locking and Deadlocks
  • Undo and Redo
  • Distributed Database issues
  • Auditing tools
  • Performance, Statistics, and Tuning
  • Trace, Wait-Events, and Plan