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Oracle and XML

Recommended Duration:
3 Days
Version: Oracle 12c and 11g
(course available for Oracle 10g or 9i upon request)
Attendees will learn to use XML with the Oracle database. Students will learn how XML DB is used to store and retrieve XML data inside the Oracle database.
Experienced Oracle developers who need to add and/or enhance XML data in their Oracle-based applications.
Working Oracle SQL and general XML experience of at least six months or completion of “Oracle SQL for Developers”, “Oracle SQL and PL/SQL for Developers”, and “XML Introduction” (or equivalent) course.
There are ten machine exercises and three optional exercises.
Major Topics
  • XML DB Concepts & Features
  • Oracle XML and SQL/X Functions
  • XML DB Repository & Versioning
  • XMLType: Properties and Methods
  • XML Schema
  • Structured and Unstructured XML
  • Hybrid XML Data
  • Binary XMLType
  • Loading data into XMLType
  • Using XPath with XMLType
  • XMLTransform() & XMLType.transform()
  • UpdateXML(), InsertXML(), AppendChildXML(), InsertXMLBefore(), DeleteXML() and existsNode()
  • Create and Use XMLType Views
  • Indexes and XMLType
  • XMLIndex
  • XQuery Expressions
  • XQuery FLOWR, XPath, XQuery
  • SQL XMLQuery() & XMLTable()
  • Oracle XQuery Extension Functions
  • Queries: Relational, XMLType, CLOB
  • XML Document Searches
  • XML and PL/SQL
  • PL/SQL APIs for XMLType
  • XSQL Pages Publishing Framework
  • XQuery with ODP.Net and C#
  • XDB and WebDAV
  • Import/Export XMLType Data
  • Using SQL*Loader with XMLType data
  • XML Performance Issues