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Developer 6i/6.0 Reports

Recommended Duration:
3 Days
Developer 6i Reports. Courses available for Oracle Reports 3.0.
Through a series of class exercises, participants will learn to build reports with Developer 6i Reports. Experiences include data field formatting, master-detail reports, using automatic summaries, cross-matrix reports, and using SQL queries that already exist.
Developers and other technical personnel who will be creating reports using Developer 6i/6.0 Reports.
Participants should be familiar with Oracle and SQL concepts; however, previous Developer Reports or Oracle Reports experience is not assumed.
Major Topics
  • Report Painter and Wizards
  • Report Definition
  • Query Builder
  • Templates
  • Format masks, spacing, positioning, 
  • and headings
  • Summaries
  • Oracle8i/Oracle8 objects
  • Large objects (CLOB and BLOB)
  • Master-Detail reporting
  • "Boiler-plate" text in report (form letters)
  • Report groups
  • Extra-wide and multiple page reports
  • Cross-matrix reporting
  • Report customization
  • Call Interface
  • Previewer
  • PL/SQL and Triggers
  • Java beans
  • Using Graphics and Pictures
  • Web-targeted report
There are nine machine exercises.