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Advanced Developer 6i/6.0 Forms

Recommended Duration:
3 Days
Developer Forms 6i/6.0. Course available for Oracle Forms 5.0.
Experienced Forms developers will learn to optimize performance, use code libraries, partition logic, work with CLOB and BLOB data, incorporate user-defined objects, use Oracle Graphics objects, access Java beans, use OLE (MS-Windows only), create menus, and understand user exits.
People with experience using Developer 6i/6.0 Forms or Developer/2000 Forms who wish to create more advanced and better performing forms applications
Experience with Developer 6i/6.0 Forms or Developer/2000 Forms is necessary.
Major Topics
  • Performance issues
  • PL/SQL Cursors
  • Using Oracle8i/Oracle8 objects
  • Application partitioning
  • Reusable Developer Objects
  • PL/SQL libraries and Object Groups
  • Interaction with Oracle Graphics
  • Creating Graphic Objects
  • Menus
  • Large objects (CLOB and BLOB)
  • Image/sound/video data
  • Advanced trigger processing
  • Mouse-event Triggers
  • Oracle’s built-in library of procedures/packages
  • Oracle Provided Objects and Libraries
  • User exits
  • Java Beans
  • Using OLE controls (MS-Windows)
There are seven hands-on machine exercises.