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Oracle ADF Java using JDeveloper

Recommended Duration
5 Days
Oracle JDeveloper 12c
(11g course version available)
Participants will learn to use Oracle JDeveloper to build Java applications using Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF). Students will use ADF Business Components (ADF BC) to map data via the ADF Model layer’s data binding and then use ADF Faces to build dynamic user interfaces. Using JDeveloper students will learn to use existing Web Services in ADF BC and how to expose newly created ADF BC objects as web services. Through a series of course exercises students will combine business components, entity objects, and user interfaces into dynamic web applications that are then deployed to an Oracle WebLogic server.
Course Audience
Developers who need to create Java programs using Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle’s Application Development Framework. This course is ideal for Oracle Forms developers or Java developers with Spring, Struts, or JSF backgrounds.
There are eleven machine exercises and several demonstrations. Exercises use Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle WebLogic Server, and the Oracle Database.
Major Topics
  • Overview of Java Platform
  • Oracle JDeveloper: Applications,
  • Projects, Directory Structure, User Interface
  • JDeveloper Database: Modeling,
  • Connections, Browsing
  • Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)
  • ADF Architecture and Model-View-Controller (MVC)
  • Using ADF Business Components (ADF BC)
  • Review of HTTP, web tools, and Java interaction
  • Using ADF Faces and Java Server Faces (JSF) to create a web UI
  • Entity Objects and View Objects
  • Linking View Objects & Entity Associations
  • ADF Application Modules
  • ADF Data Binding
  • Declarative Features of ADF and JDeveloper
  • Validations and Business Logic
  • Working with Groovy
  • Creating Web Applications
  • Using JDeveloper's Visual Designer
  • Create JSF Pages
  • JSF Navigation & Navigation Controls
  • Passing Parameters
  • Events and Listeners
  • Master-Detail User Interface
  • Using ADF Runtime Controls
  • Graphics, Calculated Fields, List of Values, etc.
  • Working with Transactions
  • Using AJAX Components
  • Creating Reusable Web Page Components
  • Regions
  • Pop-ups, Tree components
  • Web Services and ADF
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting
  • ADF Deployment Options
  • Quick peek at Mobile Application Framework (MAF)
  • Deploy to Oracle WebLogic Server