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Introduction to Oracle APEX

Recommended Duration:
4 Days
APEX 5.0 or 5.1.
Participants will learn to use Oracle Application Express (APEX) to create web-based applications. Participants will also learn to manage the APEX environment and use tools and utilities provided with APEX.
People who need to create applications using Oracle Application Express (APEX).
No prior experience is necessary; some prior Oracle SQL and/or PL/SQL experience is helpful.
There are twenty-two hands-on exercises (two are optional).
Major Topics
  • APEX Architecture
  • Workspaces
  • Application Components
  • Creating APEX Applications
  • Pages, Shared Components
  • Regions and Pages
  • Lists of Values (LOVs)
  • Using SQL Workshop
  • Browsing and Updating Database
  • Creating Database Objects
  • Build Applications from Scratch
  • Spreadsheet-based Applications
  • Navigation menu, navigation bar, and breadcrumbs
  • APEX Navigation
  • Interactive Reporting
  • Using Report Wizards
  • Forms: Items & Buttons
  • Master-Detail Forms
  • Session State
  • Debugging
  • Page Rendering & Processing
  • Validation & Computations
  • Filtering with Dynamic SQL
  • Tabbed Output
  • Charts and Calendars
  • Themes, Templates, Theme Roller
  • Security Features
  • Introduction to mobile APEX apps
  • Deployment, Utilities & Admin Intro.