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Advanced ISPF

Recommended Duration:
2 Days
z/OS Version 1.6 ISPF. This course is suitable for all earlier releases of TSO/ISPF.
Students who complete this course will be able to accomplish work using TSO/ISPF more effectively than before due to understanding: all the options on ISPF commands, the CUA interface, referral lists, command retrieval tools, the newest features of ISPF and Editor commands, and Edit macros.
Programmers and analysts who work with ISPF regularly and who need an update on the latest ISPF features and a morein-depth awareness of existing features.
The student entering this course should have at least 6 months experience using ISPF/PDF.
Major Topics
  • ISPF V4/V5 Look and Feel
  • Edit / View / Browse
  • Multiple split screens and the START command
  • Utilities
  • Referral Lists
  • Edit line commands
  • Labels
  • Edit primary commands
  • Edit profiles
  • Command interfaces
  • VSAM Support
  • The Workplace Shell
  • Edit macros
  • The ISRDDN facility
  • ISPF V5 enhancements
There are ten machine exercises.