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z/OS JCL and Utilities

Recommended Duration:
3 Days
z/OS. Course is also suitable for OS/390 and MVS/ESA shops.
Students who complete this course will be able to code JCL to run test and production batch jobs, use some common batch utility programs, and use a Sort / Merge program product.
Programmers, operators, analysts, support staff and users who need to know how to code JCL to run jobs in a z/OS environment. Anyone who needs to gain a basic understanding of the structure and workflow in z/OS.
The student entering this course should have 3 months recent experience using ISPF/PDF, especially the text editor or have completed the "Introduction to TSO/ISPF" course within the last 12 months.
Major Topics
  • z/OS organization and workflow
  • Introduction to the Work Load Manager
  • JCL: rules of syntax
  • JOB, EXEC, DD, OUTPUT statements
  • SMS - Storage Management Subsystem
  • Data sets and libraries; DASD organization
  • VTOCs and catalogs
  • Viewing job output using ISPF 3.8 and one of: SDSF, IOF, Flasher, (E)JES
  • Data flow diagrams and JCL skeletons
  • Utilities: IEFBR14, IEBGENER
  • Introduction to IDCAMS
  • Conditional JCL: IF/THEN, ELSE, ENDIF
  • Cataloged and in-stream procedures
  • Symbolic parameters in procedures and in open JCL
  • Private proclibs
  • Sort / Merge
  • GDGs
  • PDSEs
  • Sources of Information
There are 13 machine exercises.
This course is combined with "Introduction to TSO/ISPF" in the five-day course "MVS Fundamentals: ISPF, JCL, & Utilities". Students with experience in MVS JCL can take a one day course, "Exploiting MVS/ESA Using SMS and the New JCL" to gain some hands-on experience using the JCL introduced most recently.