Using JDBC

Recommended Duration:
2 Days
Java SE 8
(suitable for earlier versions)
Participants will enhance existing Java skills by learning to develop, test, and deploy Java database programs using JDBC. Hands-on exercises reinforce new concepts.
Experienced Java developers who need to use JDBC to access an SQL database from Java.
Students must have Java experience or have completed "Java Programming I" or equivalent. Knowledge of SQL is very useful, but, not required.
Major Topics
  • Introduction to JDBC
  • JDBC and SQL
  • java.sql package
  • Connect to the database, Closing the connection
  • Connection pools
  • Choosing the correct driver
  • Connection property files
  • Creating statement objects
  • Execute queries and process result sets
  • Manipulate result set data
  • Using PreparedStatement
  • Update database data
  • Insert/Delete database rows
  • Batched updates
  • Using Stored procedures
  • Using CallableStatement
  • SQL exception handling
  • Database design issues
  • Servlets and JDBC
  • Performance issues
  • Local database vendor-specific JDBC libraries
  • Overview of SQLJ
    (if applicable)
  • Connect to the database, Closing the connection
  • Servlets/JSPs and JDBC
There are eight machine exercises. Exercises use text editor, Sun Java Java SE JDK and the locally available database. IDEs such as Eclipse, JDeveloper, etc... may be used upon request.