Java Programming II (Server-side)

Recommended Duration:
5 Days
Java SE 8
(suitable for earlier Java versions)
Participants will enhance existing Java skills and learn to code and deploy complex web-based applications. Hands-on exercises will create and use Servlets, JSPs, Java Beans, Custom JSP tags, and applications performing I/O.
Experienced Java programmers needing to create server-based applications using Servlets and JSPs.
Students must have Java experience or have completed "Java Programming I" or equivalent.
Major Topics
  • Servlets, JSPs, and Java Beans
  • Overview of Java EE
  • URL and URL Connections
  • Reading web pages
  • Introduction to Sockets
  • Security limitations, extensibility
  • Using Java Beans / POJOs
  • Introspection and Reflection
  • Multi-threaded Java
  • Java I/O streams and File I/O
  • Managing files and directories
  • Serialization
  • SQL and Java via JDBC (optional Oracle or DB2 UDB extensions)
  • Creating three-tier Model-View-Controller (Model 2) web-based applications
  • Custom Java Tag Libraries (taglibs)
  • Servlet Filters
  • Best Practices and Performance issues
  • Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
  • Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) Intro.
  • Overview of XML and Java programming
  • Introduction to Struts and Java Server Faces (JSF)
There are fifteen machine exercises. Exercises use text editor, Sun Java Java SE and Java EE JDKs. IDEs such as Eclipse, IBM RAD, JDeveloper, JBuilder, etc... may be used upon request.