Java Programming II: Client-Side (GUI)

Recommended Duration:
5 Days
Java 5.0 (Java 1.5)
Course covers Java 2 (aka. Java 1.4) with some new Java 5.0 features being introduced. Most topics and examples also apply to Java 1.1 through Java 5 (Java 1.5).
Participants will enhance existing Java skills and learn to code and deploy complex applications. Hands-on exercises reinforce new concepts.
Experienced Java programmers needing to learn topics such as I/O or Multi-threading.
Students must have Java experience or have completed "Java Client-Side Programming I", "Java Server-Side Programming I" or equivalent.
Major Topics
  • Peeking “under the hood” at Java
  • Java Beans
  • Working with Layout Managers
  • Events, Listeners, and Adapters
  • Advanced GUI features
  • Overview of Servlets
  • and Java Server Pages (JSPs)
  • Signed applets
  • Date, Calendar, formatting, and other useful collections
  • Inner classes and Packages: Member/Local/Anonymous classes
  • Casting (implicit/explicit)
  • URL and URL Connections
  • Reading web pages
  • Introduction to Sockets
  • Security limitations, extensibility
  • Reflection and Java Beans
  • Multi-threaded Java: runnable interface, interthread communication
  • Byte and character streams
  • Java I/O streams and File I/O
  • Data and print streams
  • Managing files and directories
  • Reading and writing files with Java
  • Serialization
  • JDBC
There are fifteen machine exercises. Exercises use text editor and the Sun Java J2SE JDK. IDEs such as Eclipse, IBM RAD, JDeveloper, JBuilder, etc... may be used upon request.