Introduction to Maven

Recommended Duration:
2 Days
Maven 3
(may be taught for Maven 2)
Originally created for Java it may be used for a variety of tools including C# .NET, Ruby, and more. This course teaches developers to automate builds using Maven pom.xml to configure, package, and execute projects. A series of exercises will provide practice building a project and understanding pom.xml.
Experienced programmers needing to automate the project build process.
Students must have experience programming in the environment where Maven will be used (e.g. Java, C# .NET, Ruby, etc.).
Major Topics
  • Maven Basics
  • Downloading and Installing
  • Project Object Model (pom.xml)
  • Packaging and Packaging Types
  • Maven Directory Structure
  • Maven Coordinates
  • Dependency Management
  • Maven Repositories
  • IDE Integration
  • Archetypes
  • Projects and Dependencies
  • Inheritance and Aggregation
  • Build Framework
  • Goals/Phases/Lifecycles
  • Dependencies
  • Transitive Dependencies
  • Scope
  • Versioning
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Properties
  • Plugins
  • Maven Command-Line Interface
    (mvn install, mvn deploy, etc.)
    Multi-Module Projects
  • settings.xml
There are seven hands-on exercises using the available IDE and command-line.