Eclipse for Java Programmers

Recommended Duration:
1-2 Days
Participants will learn how to code Java using the current Eclipse toolset (or version in use locally).
Experienced Java developers needing to use Eclipse.
Students must have programming experience or training. Prior limited experience with or training in Java is assumed. Knowledge of object-oriented programming concepts is required.
Major Topics
  • Eclipse Project introduction
  • Developer components
  • Upgraded standards support
  • Workbench features and shortcuts
  • Web Tools
  • Java Perspective and Editor
  • Data Perspective and Wizards
  • XML Perspective, Editor, Deployment
  • Local and Distributed Debugging
  • Code Refactoring
  • Java Beans
  • Applications
  • Servlets and JSPs
  • JSP Custom Tags
  • J2EE Perspective and EJBs
  • Visual Editor
There are six hands-on exercises and two optional exercises.