IMS/DB Programming Workshop

Recommended Duration:
5 Days
This course covers IMS DB call interface function codes, SSA formats, SSA command codes, PCB masks, logical data base relationships, physical/logical pointers and BMP coding techniques.

This course is intended for programmers, systems analysts, programmer/analysts and data base administrators who require a thorough knowledge of IMS DB Programming.

The student entering this course should have a basic knowledge of IMS concepts and facilities
Major Topics
  • Introduction to IMS
    Database Facility
  • Datacommunication Facility
  • DL/1 Database Facility
  • Application Programming Interface
  • Application Programming Requirements
  • DL/1 Call Structure
  • Programming Examples
  • GET Function Codes
  • Update Function
  • Logical Relationships
  • Secondary Indexing
  • Segment Search Arguments (SSAs)
  • Multiple Processing
  • Message Processing Application
  • Batch Message Processing
  • IMS Service Call
  • Message Format Services Overview
There are several hands-on exercises.