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More Microsoft .NET

Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Programming

Recommended Duration:
5 Days
Students will create, maintain, and test Visual Basic applications. Programming assignments provide immediate practice creating both Windows and Web applications that use GUI controls and process file data.
People needing to create programs using Microsoft Visual Basic.
Experience programming in any language and ablity to navigate in Microsoft Windows.
Major Topics
  • Components of Visual Basic programming
  • Understanding the impact of the .NET framework
  • .NET platform and framework
  • Windows Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Forms, Menus, and Controls
  • Form and Control properties
  • Text boxes, labels, buttons, check boxes, lists, and more
  • Event-driven processing
  • Visual Basic commands and syntax
  • Data types, variables and arrays
  • Looping and program control
  • Sub and Function Procedures
  • Pre-defined functions
  • Interactive debugging and exception handling
  • Object-Oriented features
  • Accessing SQL data using ADO.NET
There are eighteen hands-on lab exercises.