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More Microsoft .NET

Microsoft .NET Framework Programming

Recommended Duration:
4 Days
Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio .NET.
Students will work with Microsoft .NET Framework features enabling them to create robust web server based applications. Class exercises will focus on using .NET Framework features such as ADO .NET and ASP .NET to implement rich applications.
People needing to create or enhance programs using complex features of the Microsoft .NET Framework.
Experience programming with Microsoft Visual Studio and either Visual C# .NET or Visual Basic .NET (Visual Basic programmers should have prior knowledge of and experience with the .NET environment).
Major Topics
  • .NET platform and framework
  • .NET Framework and Architecture
  • .NET Framework Class Library
  • ADO .NET
  • Accessing Relational Databases: Connections, Concurrency
  • DataGrids
  • DataSets
  • DataReaders
  • DataViews
  • Exception Handling
  • Serialization and Deserialization
  • XML access
  • ASP.NET and Web Forms
  • Event-driven Forms
  • Data binding
  • Attributes, and Reflection
  • Server Controls and Client Controls
  • State and State Management
  • Security, SSL, and Forms-based authentication
  • Deployment Issues
  • Networking with Socket-Client
There are fourteen hands-on lab exercises. Exercises may be organized to incorporate Test-Driven Development upon request. All class exercises use Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and may be performed using either Visual C# .NET or Visual Basic .NET.