Introduction to Web Services with .NET

Recommended Duration:
2 Days
Participants will learn to use Microsoft Visual Studio and .NET to use existing Web Services and to create Web Services for others to use. Class exercises will use WSDL (Web Services Description Language) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) to process Web Services.
Experienced .NET programmers (C#.NET or VB.NET) needing to learn how to create and use Web Services.
Students must have .NET experience (C#.NET or VB.NET) or have completed Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Microsoft C# .NET Programming, or Microsoft C# .NET Programming with TDD. Students with VB 6.0 should become familiar with VB.NET changes before attending. Students also require XML experience, or have completed XML Introduction.
Major Topics
  • Introduction to Web Services
  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
  • Web Service Description Language (WSDL)
  • Web Service client
  • Web Service provider
  • Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI)
  • Publishing a Web Service
  • Finding a Web Service
  • Using a Web Service
There are five hands-on exercises. Exercises use Microsoft's Visual Studio