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DB2 UDB Concepts and Facilities

Recommended Duration:
3 Days
Students learn relational database terminology, and are introduced to DB2 UDB facilities most important to application developers. Students learn basic SQL, are exposed to the DB2 UDB application development environment, and develop skills normalizing data.
Applications developers who need to develop or maintain applications in a DB2 UDB environment, or who need a general understanding of DB2 UDB.
Students should have the desire to learn
about SQL and DB2 UDB. Students should also have
recent experience using the available text editor.
Major Topics
  • DB2 UDB features 
  • DB2 UDB Objects
  • Graphical User Interface tools and Control Center
  • Command Line Processor (CLP)
  • The DB2 UDB catalog 
  • Relational operations: SELECT, PROJECT, and JOIN 
  • DB2 UDB data types 
  • Referential integrity and normalization 
  • SQL data manipulation introduction: SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT commands 
  • SQL data definition introduction: CREATE, DROP, ALTER commands
  • SQL data control introduction: GRANT, REVOKE 
  • DB2 UDB application development: compilation and execution
  • Host variables 
There are five machine exercises.
Most of the contents of this class are covered in "DB2 UDB Application Programming".