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DB2 Version 8 Differences

Recommended Duration:
2 Days Lecture Only
3 Days with Hand-on Labs
DB2 Version 8.
The student will learn what has changed in DB2 Version 8, what has been added in this release, and how the changes affect the activities that are associated with DB2.
Application programmers, data base administrators, system adminsitrators, and systems programmers who will be involved in migrating, developing, maintaining, or enhancing systems that will operate under DB2 Version 8.
The student should be knowledgable of the features of the DB2 Data Base Management System that are relevant for data base administration.
Major Topics
  • 64-bit virtual storage impact
  • Unicode impact
  • DML SQL enhancements
  • Sensitive dynamic cursors
  • Multiple row SQL
  • Common table expressions
  • Recursive SQL
  • Sequence objects
  • Materialized query tables
  • Table-controlled partitioning
  • Adding/rotating partitions
  • Utility enhancements
  • Stored procedure improvements
  • Catalog table changes
  • Java enhancements
  • Integrated XML
There are eight exercises in the three day version of this course.