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DB2 Tuning and Performance

Recommended Duration:
5 Days
The student will learn how to tune applications that use the DB2 environment, as well as design data bases to minimize the use of system resources
Technical personnel who need to optimize the performance of a DB2 application system.
Students should have 6 months recent experience in designing and coding application programs using SQL in DB2, in one or more application environments (CICS, IMS/DB/DC, TSO, or batch) in which DB2 is used and recent experience using ISPF/PDF, especially the text editor and should be able to code JCL to run simple batch jobs or completed the "DB2 Application Programming" course within the last 12 months.
Major Topics
  • DB2 architecture 
  • Application program tuning 
  • Access Strategies 
  • Indexable, Stage 1, and Stage 2 predicates 
  • Catalog tables and filter factors 
  • Join and subquery access strategies 
  • BIND parameter considerations 
  • Concurrency and locking 
  • Batch and Utility issues 
  • Security issues and strategies 
  • Sequential and list prefetch 
  • Attachment facility issues 
  • RCT parameters and Thread reuse 
  • Data base design considerations 
  • DB2 traces and Instrumentation Facility 
  • DB2 system parameters 
  • MVS, OS/390 issues 
There are eight standard machine exercises, and one optional machine exercise.