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Using C++ on z/OS

Recommended Duration:
2 Days
z/OS C/C++.
Students who complete this course will be able to code, compile, link, and run C++ programs in the z/OS (MVS) environment, including programs that reference sequential (QSAM) files, VSAM files, DB2 data, and that communicate CICS or subroutines written in COBOL, C, or other LE languages.
C++ programmers who will be designing and coding applications that are to be run in a z/OS (MVS) environment. 
The student entering this course should have a programming background in C++, and should be familiar with TSO/ISPF/PDF and the z/OS environment. 
Major Topics
  • Introduction to C++ on z/OS
  • Inter-Language calling (ILC)
  • Trigraphs
  • Compiling, binding (linking), and running
  • Record I/O
  • Sequential files
  • VSAM files
  • Processing DB2 data
  • C++/DB2 data types
  • CICS
There are eight machine exercises.