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CICS Web Interface Workshop

Recommended Duration:
3 Days
CICS TS z/OS, course is suitable for earlier releases of CICS
(some exercises may not be possible).
Attendees will learn to web-enable CICS applications using different methods and to use existing CICS applications from the web. This course includes using CICS from a web browser via Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) forms interacting with both client-based and server-based programs. Students will learn about: Interacting with HTML, CICS Web Interface (CWI), External Call Interface (ECI), CICS Transaction Gateway (CTG), 3270 Bridge, CICS Web Services, and CICS Java support. The goal of the course is to build the skills needed help move CICS transactions web (Internet/Intranet).
Experienced CICS application programmers, system designers, and system programmers who need to web-enable CICS applications.
Experience coding and testing CICS maps and transactions. Knowledge of HTML, HTTP, and internet processing is very helpful but not required.
Major Topics
  • CICS Web Interface (CWI)
  • Using HTML forms variables
  • External Call Interface (ECI)
  • CICS Client and Server programs
  • CICS Transaction Gateway (CTG)
  • 3270 Bridge
  • CICS Web Services overview
  • HTML, HTTP, and Web Technology
  • HTML Template Manager
  • HTML overview
  • TCP/IP interactions
  • Understanding URLs
  • Invoking CICS programs from Web Browser
  • BMS Maps and the Internet
  • Unix System Services environment
  • HFS introduction
  • CICS WEB API commands
  • CICS DOCUMENT API commands
  • Cookies
  • Temporary Storage
  • Channels and Containers
  • Java and CICS
Ten computer exercises will be conducted to emphasize major course topics.