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CICS Transaction Server Differences

Recommended Duration:
1-2 Days
CICS TS 5.2, course is suitable for earlier releases of CICS TS (some exercises may not be possible).
Attendees will learn about the changes in each of the recent CICS releases and how to deal with them in terms of their applications. Emphasis is given to those things requiring or needing change and new capabilities.
Programmers, analysts, and managers needing to understand the changes to CICS with the advent of CICS Transaction Server. This course is oriented toward those involved in application development, rather than towards system programmers. Some technical details are discussed, but, from an applications view.
Knowledge of CICS is assumed. Experience designing and coding CICS applications is helpful. Notes This is a lecture only class. A one-day version of the class is available for those familiar with CICS/ESA Version 4 who only need information about CICS Transaction Server. The one-day lecture class may be expanded to two days with exercises.
Major Topics
  • Resource definition differences 
  • Enhanced ASSIGN options
  • Improved data tables and VSAM RLS
  • Security access improvements
  • Storage improvements and protection
  • Transaction isolation, MRO and ISC
  • CEMT and CEDF enhancements 
  • CMAC, CETR, and CIND transactions 
  • Replace RCT with DB2CONN, DB2ENTRY, and DB2TRAN
  • Enterprise COBOL support (Elimination of OS/VS COBOL)
  • COBOL3, OOCOBOL, C++, and C
  • New EXEC CICS commands & options 
  • Dynamic program link (DPL), External CICS Interface (ECI), External Presentation Interface (EPI), CICS Web Interface (WCI), CICW 3270-Bridge, CICS Web Server (CWS), JCICS, JGATE, CICS Transparent Gateway, Front-End Programming Interface (FEPI)
  • Recovery, trace, dump, & journal changes
  • Migration planning