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CICS Program Debugging

Recommended Duration:
2 Days
CICS TS z/OS, course is suitable for earlier releases of CICS.
This course covers testing and test planning, as well as solution of program errors. Students will learn to use the CEDF online debugging facility to test programs and solve problems. In addition, students are shown how to use the CEMT, CEBR, CMAC, and CECI facilities to provide greater testing flexibility and control. Use of CICS transaction dumps is also covered.
Programmers who will code, maintain, and test CICS programs.
The student entering this course should have 6 months recent experience programming in CICS or have completed the "CICS Command Level Coding" course within the last 12 months.
Major Topics
  • CEDF online debugging 
  • Dynamic command modification 
  • Changing working storage 
  • Methods to speed up testing 
  • Handling abends 
  • Pseudo-conversational testing 
  • Using CEBR to scan Temporary Storage 
  • CEMT facilities used to enhance/control testing 
  • CMAC error message transaction
  • CECI transaction to check statement syntax 
  • CECI file processing 
  • Creating CECI variables 
  • Using the Trace Table 
  • CETR trace transaction
  • Reading a CICS transaction dump 
  • Test planning 
There are five machine exercises, and two dump/trace reading exercises.
An extra day may be added to this course to cover XPEDITER, Abend-Aid, or InterTest testing products.