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CICS Command-Level Coding

Recommended Duration:
5 Days
CICS TS z/OS course is suitable for earlier releases of CICS.
This course provides participants with a hands-on opportunity to learn how CICS works, and how to code effective CICS programs. Students completing this course can be immediately productive as CICS programmers.
Programmers, and analysts who will design and code programs using Command Level CICS.
Students should have 6 months experience designing and coding application programs in COBOL, PL/I, or C; or have completed the "Structured COBOL Workshop" course within the last 12 months. Recent experience using ISPF/PDF (especially the text editor) and the ability to code JCL to run simple batch jobs (compiles) is necessary to complete class assignments.
Major Topics
  • CICS Command Level  syntax 
  • 3270-type terminal and BMS maps
  • BMS map processing commands 
  • Pseudo-conversational programming 
  • Editing, single record view/update
  • Multiple record processing (browsing)
  • Using VSAM I/O commands and data
  • Debugging with CEDF, CEDX, CEBR, CEMT, CECI, and CMAC 
  • Passing control and data 
  • Temporary Storage Queues 
  • Transient Data Queues 
  • CICS Dumps and Trace Tables
There are eight machine exercises and one paper exercise. VSAM I/O exercises may be replaced with SQL if students have DB2 background.