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Advanced CICS Command Level Coding

Recommended Duration:
4 Days
CICS for z/OS, course is suitable for earlier releases of CICS.
This course provides participants with a hands-on opportunity to learn and practice advanced CICS programming techniques including the use of DB2. Emphasis is placed on efficient use of CICS. In addition, recent developments in CICS are covered to allow students who learned CICS under earlier releases to use the best coding techniques.
CICS programmers needing to enhance their skills with CICS.
The student entering this course should have 6 months recent experience programming in CICS or have completed the "CICS Command Level Coding" course within the last 12 months.
Major Topics
  • Recent changes to CICS 
  • Performance factors 
  • Multiple Region Operation (MRO) 
  • File processing and Browsing
  • File/database integrity 
  • DB2 use 
  • Effective use of COMMAREA
  • Temporary Storage 
  • Channels and Containers
  • Reducing line transmissions & MDT
  • Use of Dynamic Storage and SET 
  • Transfer techniques 
  • Transient Data 
  • STARTed tasks 
  • CICS backup and recovery 
There are seven machine exercise and one optional paper exercise.
A one day version of the "DB2/CICS Interface" course may be added to cover the specifics of the DB2/CICS interface.