PL/I is the language of choice for many enterprise applications. Our courses teach students the fundamentals of PL/I program design, coding, and maintenance.

All of our PL/I courses are current to the latest release of PL/I.

Roadmap to Success

Assembler Course Map


Assembler Courses

OS/390 Assembler Language: Classic (5 days)
Introduces students to the basics of IBM hardware fundamentals and operations. Students learn to create Assembler language programs.
OS/390 Assembler Interfaces (3 days)
Completes the introduction to Assembler. Students learn to process variable length records; use subroutine linkages, and understand basic dump concepts and other system service routines.
OS/390 Assembler Language: Update (1 day)
Assembler programmers learn recently-available hardware instructions and Assembler techniques.
OS/390 Assembler Language Debugging and Maintenance (2 days)
Students learn advanced Assembler skills including debugging and dump reading.
z/OS Assembler for Applications Programmers (3 days)
Students learn the new hardware instructions and techniques introduced with IBM's z/Architecture and z/OS.