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More Analysis, Design, and Modeling

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Data Modeling

Recommended Duration:
2 Days
Students will be introduced to the basic concepts and philosophy of data modeling with a review of the objectives and goals. The participants will learn to identify entities and attributes, create entity-relationship diagrams to normalize data to third-normal form, and diagram data flows with data flow diagramming.
Application Developers, Programmers, Systems Analysts and other personnel who need and understanding of the data modeling process.
Although no prior knowledge is required, it is useful to have a basic understanding of computer systems and computer system development.
Major Topics
  • Data Dictionary / Encyclopedia 
  • Entity Relationship Modeling
  • Normalization
  • Data Modeling
  • Data flow diagramming
  • Data Analysis
  • Initial Data Design
  • Refining the Data Design
  • Checking the Design
  • Performance Planning
  • Review of Deliverables
There are four pencil and paper team-based workshops. If available a modeling/drawing tool may be used for diagramming.