Requirements Definition for Business Analysts

Recommended Duration:
3 Days
Proper elicitation and identification of requirements is a key task of Business Analysts. Requirements must accurately document the needs of stakeholders clearly and concisely. Students will learn and practice accepted elicitation techniques then create requirements documents to accurately describe stakeholder needs.
Individuals needing to improve their skills in identifying and prioritizing stakeholder needs and creating requirements that best serve organizational goals.
Prior analysis experience is useful but not required. Most beneficial if student has completed "Business Analyst Fundamentals" before attending.
Major Topics
  • What are requirements?
  • Requirement types and levels
  • Functional vs. non-functional requirements
  • Requirements and the development lifecycle
  • Waterfall and Agile; best choices
  • Requirement definition roles
  • Exploring different processes: Operations, Back Office, HR, etc…
    Writing and assembling requirements
  • Useful artifacts and documents
  • Standards (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®) and others)
  • Elicitation techniques and use (interview, meetings, workshop, storyboard, prototype, etc...)
  • Formulating questions for best impact
  • Elicitation "best practices"
  • Interpreting requirements to reflect organization structure and culture
  • Facilitation skills and techniques
  • Prioritizing stakeholder / organization needs
  • Evaluating legacy systems
  • Requirement validation
  • Writing Use Cases
  • Planning metrics and quality control to verify that requirements are satisfied
  • Introduction to modeling
  • How requirements aid modeling
  • Change control
There are two group exercises, seven individual exercises, and two role-playing exercise.